KWC Partners LLP offers service for many Japanese companies in New York, New Jersey, Englewood Cliffs and Union City.

New Jersey Office

110 Charlotte Place, Englewood Cliffs, NJ 07632
Toll Free: 866-430-2081
Tel: 201-541-8400  Fax: 201-541-8660

New York Office

60 East 42nd Street, Suite 1634,
New York, NY 10165
Tel: 212-949-8111  Fax: 212-949-0455

Union City

1906 Kennedy Blvd.,Union City, NJ 07087
Tel: 201-348-1122  Fax: 201-348-3723

Tax advisor for various clients since 1997

KWC Partners Service
Accounting and auditing services

We work for subsidiary companies for the purpose of consolidation of public companies and audit and review for affiliated companies a lot, on the other hand we consider how important client can ask any small inquiry.

Each staff provide service of how to input accounting soft ware, checking monthly tightening, rules for expatriate’s pay related to day to day operations, financial statement and audit etc.

Tax Service

Our service is saving tax with compliance with considering about subsidiary of Japanese companies, affiliated companies, branches, corporation tax with a view to transfer pricing in the permanent establishment, salaries of expatriates and long-term business travelers, these impact and compliance risk of their corporate tax.

Advisory Service

We offer the following services in accordance with customer requests.

Since the advisory service is customized service according to your request, so if there is any request of advice related to the management, tax and accounting etc, please feel free to contact us.

In addition, Partner and Manager visit Japan regularly, we explain about U.S tax, U.S accounting and problems and solutions of U.S Subsidiary Corporation at our head office.

  • Audit, Review/ Compilation
  • Defined contribution pension 401(k)
  • Creating consolidated financial statement
  • Creating consolidated package
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  • Creating Tax return for U.S corporation and personal
  • Consulting and Trading at federal tax and state tax audit
  • Consulting for U.S Transfer pricing taxation
  • Consulting for R&D Tax Credit
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  • Correspondence and support for IFRS
  • Support for expanding business to U.S
  • J-SOX consulting
  • Service of translating financial statement
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Our Tax professional KWC Partners

We are flexible in multi-culture and language!

Currently our company has around 25 staff also 75% staff they speak Japanese.

Also not only American staff we also have Hispanic and Asians.

We have specialists for each section also some specialists experienced for working at 4main accounting firm and offer very high quality service for all our clients.

Prompt correspondence to Frontier Spirit

Advantage of launching business into Mexico

Since Japanese company’s needs are getting diversification, our company has a few to a few hundreds clients from various industry.

Lately so many companies expanded their business is getting increased, so we get more inquiry about language barrier and many complicated issues about law.

As described above, we have professional staffs who speak Spanish, also we affiliate private local major accounting firm Mexico Global Alliance (MXGA), and so we can offer the services in Japanese and Spanish promptly.

Service cases to our clients in our company

Public subsidiary company in Japan. Software maker for business. Audit, accounting and reporting system between three countries.

After establishing holding stock company, ransacked target company for M&A, did acquisitions in Europe. We audited US holding company with the U.S accounting standard but it was necessary to fix European subsidiaries to U.S standard for consolidating.

Public subsidiary company in Japan
Start up service in Mexico

Our clients originally they run manufacturing business in U.S, however recent Japanese automobile manufacturers started expanding their business to Mexico, so they also decided to expand their business in there too. In Mexico especially tax system and way of management are very different from Japan and U.S, also English doesn’t work at most situations.

Public subsidiary company in Japan
Manufacturing, Wholesale
Acquisition due diligence and advice of subsequent management

In acquisition of US mid-sized manufacturing, Operation Due diligence is run by own stuff also ministry of justice and accounting which have been received a request for tax DD. Ministry of justice is requested to our corporate biggest law firm and we carried out accounting and tax DD at our company interviews with accountants from target’s company.

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